Career & Wellness Coach · WomenUP & Beyond the Bottomline Radio TV Presenter · Author · Writing mostly about holistic success…


  • Lensational


    A training a new generation of female photographers from the margins. Driving diverse, female-centric, ethical photography.

  • Ultron Designs

    Ultron Designs

    Responsive Web Design & Mobile App Development. Designing for the future #ultrondesigns

  • Craig Buchman,

    Craig Buchman,

    CA CPA in Corp Tax for 20 Yrs. Freddie Mac Common Shareholder: pre-Gov't Seizure Pre-2008

  • Cain Blythe

    Cain Blythe

    #rewilding #biodiversity #habitatrestoration #people and #nature

  • Agnes Maitre

    Agnes Maitre

    Interim Manager, Opérations, Gestion du changement, Amélioration des performances #InterimManagement #ManagementdeTransition

  • Donna Haghighat

    Donna Haghighat

    CEO at The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, Creator, Teacher, Feminist, Cat herder

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