The little-known secret to an ongoing productive career — healthily!

You’ve probably read a load of emails, posts, and even books, with an enormous list of tips on how to have a successful career. Maybe you have tried some (or many) of them too. What did they get you long term?

Honestly? They probably helped in dribs and drabs, some more than others — but how much? And, how long did you keep it up? You probably discovered they rarely work for long in the real world!

There is a little-known secret to success that works wonders and gives the rest of your life a boost too, not just your career! What is it you may ask?

Good news — You don’t need to work differently, learn new strategies or any other tools, knowledge or skills.

What you absolutely, essentially and definitively do need to do is this…

- You need to choose, and use, the right fuel (aka food) for your brain and body.

Why? Because what we eat directly impacts our cognitive performance and energy levels. If we eat the wrong thing at the wrong time we struggle, our energy drains, our concentration lapses and our creativity disintegrates.

I’m not talking about the way we eat for fashion, beautiful image, to be a health fanatic or super-amazing athlete — I am just trying to help you have a great, enjoyable and successful career! I don’t know about you, but when I am full of energy and my brain is sparking, creativity flowing, my career and business sense improve in leaps and bounds.

As we all already know, not all foods are created equal. Something that we don’t always think about is that they aren’t all processed in the same way, or at the same rate, by our bodies so choosing the right ones at the right time makes all the difference.

For instance, some release their glucose more quickly (bread, pasta etc), so you have an energy burst and then a slump.

Some (like high fat meals) give more sustained energy, but because the digestive system needs to work more it reduces the level of oxygen in the brain, so decision making becomes foggier.

Often, we are in such a rush that even if we are aware that our choices aren’t ideal, we are either too hungry, running out of time or…

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